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Behavior & Training

Our behavior & training page presents resources and articles that may be helpful to the conure or parrot owner. Each web page or article has been reviewed and approved by us.

It is recommended that you consult a variety of experts and resources in order to make an informed decision regarding the care of your conure.

Managing Parrot Behavior: Causes of common problem behavior and provides techniques for managing these behaviors.

How To Keep Your Parrot From Ending Up In Rescue: Great information for anyone considering purchasing a parrot.

Excessive Screaming: Conure owners are often faced with this challenging behavior.  This site provides practical tips on understanding why a bird screams and what to do about it.

What NOT to Do When Faced With Problem Behavior: List of "quick fixes" that are not recommended when faced with problem behavior.

Clicker Training For Birds: Clicker training is an effective and viable method for training parrots.

What is a Parrot Behavior Consultant? Qualifications and role of the "Parrot Behavior Consultant".

Preventing Phobias in Companion Parrots: Advice on keeping your bird from becoming phobic.

Biting: Why parrots bite and what you can do to prevent biting.


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