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Conure & Parrot Sites

Our conure and parrot sites links page provides a list of interesting web sites related to conures or parrots.  Each web site has been reviewed and approved by us.

It is recommended that you consult a variety of experts and resources in order to make an informed decision regarding the care of your conure.

If you would like your conure or parrot-related website listed here, please use our link exchange form.

The Adventures of Kacy the Conure: Delightful website devoted to the antics of Kacy the black-capped conure

Curb Your Avianism Blog: Check out the antics of a pair of conures, Jimmy and Jemima, who share their life with one of our members, Claire.

International Conure Association: Home of the International Conure Association, dedicated to projects aimed at conserving  the conure species in the wild.

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: Mark Bittner is the author of a highly entertaining book about the wild cherry-headed conures in San Francisco.

Petrie's Conure Website: Petrie is a male green cheeked conure.  His site has lots of great information about conures.

Stimpy's Home Page: Stimpy is a female Jenday conure.  This site contains lots of great photos of Stimpy as well as valuable information on conures.

Henry the Half Moon Conure: Photos and videos of a delightful and talkative little half moon conure named Henry. 

Writes With Feathers Blog: Anne C. Watkins is the Author of  The Conure Handbook, Barron's Educational Series, Inc; and is a Contributing Editor to PET AGE.

Remembrances of Tinga: This site shares the story of Tinga, the free-flying sun conure.

SunConure.com: Endearing, charming, playful and personality plus packaged into a vibrant bundle of feathers. That's a sun conure!

The Parrots of Luca: In Italian.  Site devoted to Luca's parrots.

www.fluffies.org: Information on keeping parrots happy and healthy, along with lots of parrot photographs.


Commercial Sites

Birds Now: "Helping Birds Find Good Homes". BirdsNow is an online classified site listing birds for sale.

Avian Antics Bird Toys and Supplies: Online parrot supply.  Toys, Organic Foods, Cage Accessories & Supplies.  All proceeds are donated to Avian Rescue & Sanctuary.

Bird Jewelry by Dawn: Unique and beautiful hand-made bird and parrot jewelry.

Wild About Parrots: Products for your parrot, news, resources and more.


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