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Diseases & Illnesses

Our diseases & illnesses page presents resources and articles that may be helpful to the conure or parrot owner. Each web page or article has been reviewed and approved by us.

It is recommended that you consult a variety of experts and resources in order to make an informed decision regarding the care of your conure.

Merck Veterinary Manual of Caged Bird Diseases: Encyclopedia of common caged bird diseases, their symptoms and treatment.

Common Parrot Illnesses: This site provides links to a list of articles on common illnesses in parrots, including aspergillosis, psittacosis, polyoma, and others.

Summary of Bird Diseases: Another site containing links for many common bird diseases.

Avian Polyoma: Information on the avian polyoma virus.

Aspergillosis in Birds: Causes, signs, and treatment of aspergillosis.

Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease: Information site on PBFD.

Understanding Psittacosis (Chlamydia): Information on the bacterial infection that causes psittacosis.

Proventricular Dilation Disease (PDD): The Avian Health Network's site on PDD.

Giardia: Understanding what is giardia, how it is diagnosed and treated.

Beak Overgrowth & Deformities: Short, educational article describing common beak problems, their causes, and their treatment.

Feather Picking: Link to the featherpicking.com website.  This site provides support for owners whose birds pick or mutilate their feathers

West Nile Virus - What You Must Know: An ABVP-certified avian veterinarian's perspective on the West Nile Virus and the threat it poses to our companion parrots.

Avian Flu - How It Affects Pet Bird Owners: An ABVP-certified avian veterinarian's perspective on avian influenza and how it affects us as pet bird owners.


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