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FAQ - General Information

Our FAQ pages provide a list of questions that are frequently posted on our message board.  The answer is a summary of the best advice given in response to the question by our members.

It is recommended that you consult a variety of experts and resources in order to make an informed decision regarding the care of your conure.

How can I determine the age of my Nanday conure?

Nanday conures get a ring of brown or auburn-colored feathers, between the black and the green feathers at the back of their heads, when they reach maturity. Their feet also turn from a grayish color to pink. If your bird has those signs, they're over three years old. (Editor's note: Thanks to Kit for this answer)

Should I get my conure a friend?

Most conures do fine as single birds and will thrive on the undivided attention it will receive as an "only bird".  But if you enjoy conures and have the time and money to provide a good environment for another bird, then you may want to consider getting a second conure.  But it is never guaranteed that a single conure will welcome another conure or even become friends.

At what frequency do birds hear?

Birds' hearing differs greatly between species.  The following link provides some information on what frequency various birds hear: Hearing and the Bird Ear


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