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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ pages provide a list of questions that are frequently posted to our message board.  The answer is a summary of the best advice, given in response by our members, to the question.

It is recommended that you consult a variety of experts and resources in order to make an informed decision regarding the care of your conure.

Select a link below to view our frequently asked questions in each category.

General Information: Should I get my conure a friend? What frequency do birds hear?

Feeding & Nutrition: What should I feed my conure?  What kind of "people food" is OK for my conureto eat?  Is it safe to feed my conure grocery store-bought produce?  Should I feed only organic produce?

Health: My conure is laying eggs.  What should I do?

Environment: What is a safe temperature range for a conure?

Behavior & Training: How can I get my conure to like me? Why does my conure jerk his head up and down repeatedly? How can I train my conure to step up? How do I stop my conure from biting and attacking my kids.

Grooming: How long should my conure's nails be?  How do I trim my conure's nails?


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