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Feeding & Nutrition

Our feeding and nutrition page provides a list of resources helpful to the conure or parrot owner.  Each web page or article has been reviewed and approved by us.

However, it is recommended that you consult a variety of experts and resources in order to make an informed decision regarding the feeding of your conure.

Food Value Chart: The following provides an outline of foods "rich" in certain nutrients.

Foods to Avoid: A list of foods that should not be fed to your conures.

Foods to Feed: A list of foods that are healthy to feed your conure.

Recipes: Enjoy this series of recipes, shared with us by our members. 

Vitamin A Deficiency in Parrots: Dealing with vitamin A deficiency in birds.

The Upside-down Parrot Food Pyramid
General nutrition guidelines for companion birds.

Formulated Diets Versus Seed Mixtures for Parrots: A comparison of pelleted diets to seed diets in parrots.  Also contains information on what parrots eat in the wild.

Switching Your Bird to Pellets: Describes a method of converting your bird from a seed-based diet to a pelleted diet.

The Kitchen Physician: An informative series of articles related to feeding foods for medicinal purposes.

Comparison of Avian Pellet Manufacturers: Provides a summary of common avian pellet products in a tabular format.

Carolyn's Recipes: A link to Carolyn Swicegood's ("The Kitchen Physician") yummy recipes for nutritious and fun parrot meals.

Diet Enjoyed by Sinbad: One of our readers shares information on the diet she feeds her white-eyed conure.

The Not-so-hidden Link between Diet and Behavior: Article by Pam Clark about the link between a parrot's diet and their behavior.


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